Sonic Tooth Color Filling

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We use Sonic Fillings in our office. Sonic Fillings is the most accurate and long lasting tooth color fillings. SonicFill’s technology uses sonic energy via a specially designed headpiece to flo

dentist in Bothell

dentist in Bothell

w the new composite material to a quick placement and precise adaptation to the cavity walls resulting the state of art perfection to treat cavities.

Fillings are the best way to repair your tooth to its original shape, which has suffered damages due to cavity or decay. This is a common dental work in which the dentist fills the damaged area of the tooth with a special material that would take the form of the tooth. The material used for filling is usually not of the same color as that of the tooth and this makes the filling look awkward. However, there is solution for this and it called tooth color filling, which mimics the true color of a tooth.

Details about Sonic Tooth Color Filling in Bothell

SonicFill is a device which has dramatically changed the way tooth color fillings were performed by the professionals in the industry. The improvements that are provided by the device to the dentists help them in giving better and faster service to their patients. This device gives the ability to deliver new material in a different and unique way. The hand-piece of the Sonicfill system is designed to make bulk fillings and is filled with the composite which reacts to sonic energy. When doing cavity filling with any other system, layering of the composite material is needed to be performed. This whole process takes plenty of time, as before placing the new layer, time breaks are taken to let the old layer settle. However, with sonic system no break is needed and the composite material takes the shape of the tooth in less amount of time. Better flow is achieved for the composite in sonic tooth color filling. Therefore, the patients get better results in the end, despite spending less time sitting on the chair. That’s why sonic tooth color filling in Bothell is liked by both the dentists and patients.

Advantages of Sonic Tooth Color Filling in Bothell

There are several benefits of taking sonic tooth color filling in Washington, when you decide to go for tooth filling. The color fillings are better than normal fillings, as after completion of the filling process they give the exact impression of natural tooth in appearance and color. Sonic tooth color filling are bonded with the structure of the tooth chemically. Due to this reason you don’t need any other external support to improve their bonding with the tooth. The strength of the tooth is restored nearly to its original state and this help in getting better results in the long run. The composite material used in sonic tooth color filling in Snohomish hardens in very less time and its big advantage, especially when you compare it with other materials that need many hours. If you have sensitive teeth, then sonic tooth color filling is the best option for you. This type of filling could easily be used in back and front teeth and it doesn’t affect looks of the patient.

Dentist in Bothell with sonic tooth color filling is the latest technology in this field and has many advantages for the patients. Therefore, if you are thinking of going for tooth filling, then sonic tooth color filling is the best option for you.